Motul has for long been concerned about the environmental dimension of its activity, both in the formulation phases of its products and in the means made available to manage wastes.​

Motul thrives on reimagining our products and processes to adapt to a more ecologically sustainable environment. ​

Through our ongoing initiatives, Motul is taking concrete steps towards reducing our environmental footprint and lay the foundation for a sustainable future for our business and planet.


Going beyond also means thinking about the future, what it will be made of, who will change it, how will it change?​

In response, Motul has created Motul Corazón: a foundation that provides opportunities for young teenagers around the world, enabling them to go beyond the constraints.​

We work with non-profit organisations by funding projects around the world that will help adolescents overcome difficulties, through vocational and personal training, particularly in the fields of mechanics and technology.​



The Motul Asia Pacific Code of Ethics is a key part of our ethics and compliance program. It includes a set of employee policies that focuses on the personal responsibility of all Motul employees, stakeholders and third parties in conducting business legally and ethically. The Code is available online and has been translated into various languages and distributed across our regions. Motul Asia Pacific colleagues are trained on the Code on an annual basis and are required to read, understand, and comply with the Code.​

Motul has established a web-based reporting system operated by third party specialists to allow employees to anonymously report breaches of the Code of Ethics, without fear of retaliation.​