Motul’s extensive portfolio of high tech lubricants are designed and distributed internationally across more that 160 markets. Originating in New York in 1853, the first Motul product successfully entered the French market 80 years later. Since then, Motul’s aggressive strategy of internationalisation has led to expansive growth worldwide.

In 2000, regional Motul headquarter was launched in Singapore to capitalise on the vast potential in the Asia Pacific region. Rapid developments over the years led to heightened activities in the region. The acquisition of our production facilities in Vietnam in 2007 aided the Group’s penetration into the region as a result of increased production capacity and quicker customer response.

Today, Motul’s prevalence in 16 Asia Pacific countries is a testament to a 170-year old brand promise as the unparalleled force in motoring.


Motul Asia Pacific ambitions to be the key energy and mobility partner for our customers in Asia Pacific. We put our customers at the heart of what we do. To grow faster in our core and invest in new borders, develop and engage our teams, in order to be the best partner and most innovative leader in the industry.

With a heightened focus in accelerating our diversification in new product pillars and new mobilities, we are implementing innovation at all levels, forging new partnerships and testing new boundaries of technology. With the goal to strengthen our brand, and be sustainable and compliant in all that we do.